These rules are updated often, so please keep up to date with them. It is your job as a player to stay up to date with our rules.


Website Rules

Breaking a major rule may result in a perm ban or blacklist.

1. Topics that contain inappropriate content must be tagged as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

2. Don't spam or flood posts.

3. Racial and/or sexual slurs are not acceptable.

4. Do not harass other members via private message or posts.

5. Use common sense.

6. Do not advertise.

Server Rules

1. Do not spam.

2. Do not be toxic

3. Do not joke about suicide or self-harm.

4. Do not be racist or a bigot, you may be permanently banned for this.

5. Do not bypass the chat filter.

6. Do not post links to screamers, shock sites, or sites containing pornographic content.

7. Do not post links advertising other servers not associated with BulletPvP.

8. Do not participate in online marketing or account selling/real world item selling.

9. Do not insult or make fun of dead relatives..

10. Do not threaten to DDoS/DOX or engage in DDoS/DOX comedy.

11. Do not violate the privacy of others..

12. Do not load in mass bot accounts. 

General Rules

1. Do not alt or share accounts unless you receive permission from a member of head staff. 

2. Do not use X-ray or Radar. 

3. Do not use the printer option on schematica, using schematica without printing is allowed.

4. Do not use any hacked clients or any programs that give you an advantage over others. 

5. Do not exploit any game-breaking bugs. 

6. Do not excessively grief or make cobble/lava monsters

7. Do not lie to staff. 

8. Do not associate with cheaters. 

9. Do not dispute the bans of other players. 

10. Do not excessively harass, follow, trap, or stream snipe, famous players. 

11. Do not use an objectionable faction name. 

12. Do not use an objectionable minecraft username.


1. Do not camp. Once the border is 100x100, you are not allowed to camp. If the host or a mod asks you to fight, then you must fight. This includes sky basing within 100x100

2. Do not portal trap. Trapping a nether portal will result in a ban. Camping a portal is allowed.

3. Do not excessively stalk players. Excessively stalking players will result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Breaking a player’s crafting table, furnace, enchantment table, or anvil.
  • Preventing a player from mining, breaking blocks, or placing blocks 
  • Constantly stealing items from a player.

4. Do not iPvP. iPvP is killing a player before pvp is enabled. Doing this will result in a ban.

5. Do not intentionally feed/sacrifice. If you play for the sole purpose of getting materials then purposely dying to give your items to another player, you will be punished. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Giving players coords for them to go kill you, Purposely losing a fight just to give the other player your loot, Suiciding and giving the player your coords, etc.
  • Keep in mind: Famous youtubers have fans who will want to give their favorite youtuber their items or not want to fight them. This isn’t always the case, but when it is, it cannot be prevented. However, if a famous player does any of the above, they will also be punished.

6. Do not spoil. Do not spoil another player’s location in public chat. Doing this will result in a mute.

7. Do not ally. If you ally during an FFA, all members will be temporarily banned. This includes allying with more than the allowed amount players per team when you cross team.

8. Do not make lava monsters/grief the server. If you are purposely trying to make the server lag, you will be banned.

9. Do not interrupt assigned fights. Always follow the Host's rules when it comes to assigned fights. Do not try to find loopholes in these rules. Cleaning, loot stealing, or interrupting assigned fights can result in a ban at the Host's discretion.

9. Do not use an alternate account to play the game after you already died. Using an alternate account to continue playing the game after you already died is not allowed.