Please check the following common questions before creating a ticket

  • How do I apply for staff?

    We're always looking for new staff members. You can apply for staff by submitting a staff application here.

  • How do I report a player?

    You can report players in game using /report (player). If, for whatever reason, a staff member isn't able to follow through with the report immediately or the player logs off, you can report a player (with proof) via the website here.

  • Can you transfer my rank?

    Sure! We currently provide rank transfers for justified reasons such as account migration. To request a transfer click here

  • I was banned, how do I get unbanned?

    You can purchase an unban at our store. If you were falsely banned, or your ban is extremely old or unfair, you can submit a ban appeal here.

  • How do I get the YouTuber/Famous rank?

    The requirements for YouTube rank are 300 subscriber and 750 for Famous. If you meet these requirements create a media application here.